We promote and support the education, health and social welfare of vulnerable children in Malawi. Help Vulnerable
Children in Malawi
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We help vulnerable children in Malawi through sponsorship of education for children with disabilities. Empowering the
Future Generation
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We endeavour to empower caregivers of children with debilitating disabilities to enable a better life for all. Leaving No-one Behind Learn More Contact Us In partnership with Joyful Motherhood we support babies whose mothers have died during childhood. Promoting health
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We mentor and motivate girls to stay in school by providing them relatable paths to success. Mentoring Girls Join Us Campaigns

Our Vision

Support vulnerable children in Malawi.

Our Mission

To promote and support the education, health, and social welfare of vulnerable children in Malawi with special attention to children with disabilities.

Our Values

Inclusion, Kindness, Integrity, Justice, Transparency, Efficiency, Honesty, Dedication.


About Children First

The Trust was founded by Madame Mary Chilima, (Spouse to the Vice President of Malawi) and like-minded colleagues after noting the overwhelming requests for assistance from various aspects of society.

The core purpose of the Trust is to support the educational and health needs of vulnerable children with specific priority given to children with disabilities.

The Founders Note

As an African mother, I have a strong desire to elevate the welfare of rural-based children through improved provision of basic health and education using affordable technologies. Concurrently, my focus includes economically empowering teen mothers through entrepreneurial skillset enhancement.

Our Strategic Offer

We are passionate about the communities and children we serve. They motivate us to kickstart the change we envision for a brighter future. To fulfill our mandate, the following is our strategic offer to the vulnerable children in Malawi.


Disability Students in the entire Tertiary School Population


Students with Disabilities in all Secondary Schools


Students with Disabilities in all Primary Schools


Target Districts

Team Members

Our team is comprised of volunteers driving the agenda of inclusive education among the vulnerable children in Malawi.